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Our Philosophy

Matrix Computer Services has operated to the philosophy of providing quality software development services to small and regional organizations at a very competitive price.

In 1991, the founder foresaw the fiscal impact that personal computing workstations would have within a department's operation. At the same, he shared in the sensitivity of a business' reluctance to absorb additional ongoing operating expense. This awareness has resulted in many businesses acquiring practical software solutions that contribute to the bottom line on an ongoing basis.


The rapid evolution of technology creates excitement for many and provides new opportunities. These opportunities may be in the form of a shelved idea or solution that is now feasible, affordable and reliable. Alternatively, the opportunity might be implementing decision support tools that were once only affordable to large corporations. MCS offers consulting services to facilitate the exploration and assessment of technology in pursuit of achieving business objectives.

Our People

Our experiences have revealed that there continues to be a sizable business base that continues to rely on a very early version of client server technology frequently referred to as Clipper. On that observation, MCS has established a service offering to provide Clipper programming support.

Our Industry Expertise

MCS has developed a substantial knowledgebase within several industries. This is reflected in the many years of providing technical services to several of our customers such Angelica Textile Services and Unified Western Grocers. Our contributions have been recognized within the following industries and operations: Industries Business Operations

  • Grocery
  • Order Entry and Fulfillment
  • Grocery Brokerage
  • Inventory Control
  • Marine Product Brokerage
  • Manufacture Planning Support
  • Linen Management
  • Plant Floor Data Collection
  • Property Management
  • Warehousing
  • Rental
  • Distribution & Routing
  • Retail
  • Analytical Mechanisms

Our Technology

Business software solutions developed MCS typically leverage Microsoft technology. The reasons are quite obvious. The technology is affordable and offers solution longevity. Specialized technology providers are utilized to effectively fulfill plant-floor and office automation requirements.

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